Turkish Food Spots in Berlin

Germany has more than 2.5 million Turkish population. This makes Germany a nice place to taste Turkish food. However, most of the people here do not know much about Turkish food other than döner kebab :)

Turkey has one of the largest range of food and flavors in the world. Even more than Italy or France. Not all can be found here in Berlin but still, there are so many great food options! Let’s dive into our favorite Turkish food spots in Berlin.

We also created a list over Google Maps so you can easily get the pins of those places. Don’t struggle with adding them one by one!

P.S: Keep in mind that to taste real Turkish food, you need to visit Turkey :) It would be our pleasure to share some nice places in Istanbul if you are planning a visit!

1- Örnek (Prinzenallee 80-82):

Örnek is one of the best places to taste the Lahmacun! Lahmacun is an arabic word in origin (Lahm – Meet, Ajiyn – Bread). It is one of our favorite turkish dishes. It is mostly a starter for us but it can be served as main dish as well. It would be nice to eat it with salad and pinch of lemon juice. You can also try roasted liver and Adana kebab here.


2- Mercan (Wiener Straße 10):

Mercan is the best place to taste local, homemade Turkish food! You can choose 3 types of food as a menu (main, side, salad or dessert). My favorite main dishes here is Musakka (eggplant and minced meat meal) and Izmir Kofte (meatballs served with potatoes). Don’t forget to get cacik too.

Musakka, pilav, cacık

3- Güllü Lahmacun (Perleberger Str. 56):

Güllü is the owner of this cute little local place. She cooks our favorite mantı here in Berlin! It is a must try spot for mantı. Don’t forget to order yogurt with garlic. You can also try gözleme and lahmacun over here.


4- Fes (Hasenheide 58):

Fes is a great place to try Turkish mezes! We usually go to those grill places for eating delicious mezes with Rakı (strong alcoholic spirit) and grilling many kinds of meat :) Meat options here are not so local but they are still delicious.

5- Adana Grillhaus (Manteuffelstraße 86):

We tried lots of Adana Kebabs here in Berlin. I guess this place has our favorite Adana Kebab in town. There are still many other good options when it comes to kebabs. You can order a mixed kebab plate or only an Adana Kebab here. Both are delicious.

6- Doyum (Admiralstraße 36):

Doyum has so many great options. Lahmacuns, kebabs, and döners here are recommended! Even you can get a lentil soup as a starter which is very common in Turkey and at our home as well.

Adana with yogurt
lahmacun & lentil soup

7- Paşam Baklava (Goebenstraße 12A):

This place has really decent baklavas. Of course, it is not even close to what we had in Gaziantep (a southern-east city in Turkey). But still, this is one of the best options here in Berlin. Try Kare baklava (square baklava) and fıstık sarma (rolled pistachio) here.

Baklava, fıstık sarma, şöbiyet

8- K’Ups Gemüse Kebab (Kastanienallee 102):

First of all, let’s remind you that Berliners have invented this type of Döner Kebab. You can’t find such a place in Turkey which has so many sauce options and vegetables inside the Döner.  But we still love it! Good that Berliners came out with such an amazing idea :) This is one of the best places to try Gemüse Kebab. Besides, it does not have one hour of the queue like Mustafa Gemüse Kebab :)

9- La Femme (Kottbusser Damm 77):

Turkish breakfast is one of the best things that you can start your day! Sadly there are not much breakfast spots that you can find the great Turkish Breakfast here in Berlin. La Femme is nice to try if you are really willing to try Turkish breakfast. They have really delicious simit (Turkish Bagel) as well.

The best place to have a great Turkish Breakfast is at our house :) That’s why we gave up discovering Turkish breakfast spots in Berlin.


10- İmren Grill (Karl-Marx-Straße 75):

İmren has so many branches and not all of them has the same taste. That’s why please go to the one that we mention to taste these great foods. Lentil soup, roasted meat with pilaf and döner is nice to try here. Also, lahmacuns can be tried if they are freshly cooked.

11- Gözleme (Karl-Marx-Straße 35):

We still didn’t find a really good gözleme in Berlin. But this place might be above the average. You can try gözleme with potato and cheese (One of our favorite). Don’t forget to drink Turkish tea with it! You can also try the mantı over here.

12- Hühnerhaus 36 (Skalitzer Str. 95A):

This place has delicious roasted chickens. There is nothing much to say about it! Just give a try :)


13- Smyrna Kuruyemiş (Oranienstraße 27):

Smyrna is not a food spot, but it’s part of Turkish culture to eat some sunflower seeds with Turkish tea after dinner. So we usually go to this place to meet with our friends and chitchat :)

We hope you have enjoyed our list. Don’t hesitate to share your comments with us.


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